Friday, July 19, 2024
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Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue Improvements Expected To Complete Summer 2021

Renovations to Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue are expected to be completed by late-summer.

Public Works Director Greg Brown said the new sidewalks from 4th Street to 7th street will be complete this week. However, Brown said the project could take a break once improvements are completed at 4th street.

“We still haven’t paved the road yet,” Brown said. “We’re going to get through the whole project before we pave it. We’ve got some other projects to catch up on and 4th street was a good place to pause for just a little bit. When we get some of these other projects caught up, we will start back at 4th.”

Brown said with the project only going from 7th to 2nd Street he anticipates paving to only take one to two days. Brown said it is his preference to wait to pave all at once because it creates a better quality roadway.

He said he is pleased so far with the way renovations have gone and look.

“They put in the decorative light posts, got the sidewalks on both sides,” Brown said. “Of course when we pave it and stripe it you’ll be able to then see the bike lanes on each side of the road that we’re adding.

The original goal for completion on the project was for early 2021. However, Brown said there were some delays early at the start.

“We had some unsuitable soil we had to undercut and replace,” Brown said. “The first part of the project had quite a few utilities we had to deal with. So the second phase should have a little bit less conflicts than we had in the first part.”

This project is for Cedar Avenue and extended from 2nd Street to 7th Street. It included renovations for curb and gutter, sidewalks, underground electric and new lighting posts.