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Celina Street Paving Project Underway, Loan Considered

Celina beginning a project to pave all its city streets with a $2 Million Rural Development Loan likely on the way. Some $300,000 in paving already underway. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said he hopes to secure the loan within three months and keep the project moving. Many of the roads in the city have not been paved in some 35 ... Read More »

Aldermen Approve Bids For Paving Near T-Ball Fields

Monterey Aldermen approved access upgrades to the community’s T-Ball Field. Aldermen accepted the low bid of some $93,000 to pave Callahan Road, Rose Avenue, and the street leading into the center. Mayor Mark Farley said the bid from Copeland DRP leaves the town some $70,000 in its budget for future road projects. He said he intends to have contractors add ... Read More »

Gilbert: City Should Start Creating Strategic Plans For Paving Needs

Cookeville City Council Member Chad Gilbert wants the city to start planning ahead when it comes to paving projects. Gilbert said the city should start creating a plan that stretches five years or more in order to better prioritize projects. He said there is technology and resources available to help calculate the asphalt’s lifespan on different roads to better aid ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Approves Paving Work, Using Extra Revenue

Cookeville City Council agreed to spend $1.14 million in additional money on Spring paving Thursday night. The revenue generated, in large part, by higher interest rates on the city’s investments. Finance Director Brenda Imel outlined numerous other budget adjustments Thursday night as the fiscal year draws toward an end. Sales tax revenue, for example, has exceeded projections. “We originally budgeted ... Read More »

Livingston Paving Paused For The Winter, Resume This Spring

Paving in Livingston will resume in the spring as resurfacing has stopped for the winter season. Mayor Curtis Hayes said about 90 percent of the designated some 25 roads remain to be paved. “We got less than 10 percent of the streets done that we solicited bids for due to the weather and equipment malfunctions with Rogers Group,” Hayes said. ... Read More »

Ditty Road Hopefully To Reopen In Next Few Weeks

Paving work on Baxter’s Ditty Road started Thursday night. The road has been closed since June 20th while utilities were extended to Portabello. City Engineer Tom Bennett said since the extension is complete crews can repave the road and get it closer to reopening. “Asphalt operations in the freezing temperatures and I know we’ve got some cold weather coming,” Bennett ... Read More »

Sparta’s Fall Paving Pushed Back Until The Spring

Sparta facing a slight delay in paving efforts with its fall projects now pushed back until the spring. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the city’s approved paver rescheduled after a separate state road project took priority. “They had more work this fall than anticipated,” Quick said. “That doesn’t mean we are not going to do our paving this year. ... Read More »

Baxter Working To Make Old Ditty Road Paving Decisions

Baxter will have to decide what steps to take with repaving and repairs on the old Ditty Road. The road has been closed since June 20th while crews extended utilities to Portobello. City Engineer Tom Bennett told the mayor and alderman at its Thursday night meeting that he has discussed options for a suitable fix with crews, including tar and ... Read More »

Two Celina Roads Being Targeted In Paving Project Out For Bid

Celina targeting River Road and East Lake Avenue through its paving efforts in this new fiscal year. Mayor Luke Collins said the city is currently accepting bids for paving rates. “We had an engineering group that did a road survey, and then we had some local people that did one,” Collins said. “Amazingly, the local folks and the engineering group ... Read More »

McMinnville Starts Paving Around Historic District

Road and sidewalk improvements in the McMinnville budget have begun. Mayor Ryle Chastain said paving has already started in the historic district near downtown. “Those historic neighborhoods and as well as around Main Street in the business district, but then there are quite a few around the city limits that are going to get paved, but I would say we ... Read More »