Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Cookeville PD Encouraging People To Use Parking Lot To Buy And Sell

Cookeville Police Department is encouraging individuals who are conducting sales in-person from online connections to use the department’s parking lot.

PIO Lieutenant Anthony Leonard said the trend of buying and selling goods online is increasing in popularity. He said to help those complete transactions safely, the department wanted to offer a spot that is constantly under surveillance.

“Anytime that you meet up with someone that you don’t know there are risks involved,” Leonard said. “And so having a space at the Police Department for that transaction to take place is just safer for everyone.”

Leonard said there has been a nationwide trend of theft during in-person exchanges of items bought or sold online. He said even in Cookeville, over the last few weeks there have been victims who paid money but did not receive their goods in return.

Leonard said suggesting a meeting in a police department parking lot also serves as tip-off for any red flags. He said if a person refuses to meet in their parking lot, it could mean they had ill intentions.