Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Cookeville BZA To Consider Variances For Potential Commercial Property On S. Willow

Cookeville Board of Zoning appeals will consider a potential variance this week for a large retail development at the corner of South Willow Avenue and I-40.

The preliminary plan calls for a some 148,000 square foot anchor tenant with at least five other adjacent retailers. This week’s zoning appeals focus on the signage and parking aspect of the project.

“At this point, it is an undetermined commercial retail development,” Community Development Director Jon Ward said. “The documents we’ve been provided don’t provide any name as to who it might be. So it’s still undetermined.”

Ward said because of the topography at the site, the developer requested considerations to allow for a larger height than what is currently allowed in the zoning code. He said the property is currently planned to serve as a possible retail development.

Ward said the variance request would increase the maximum height of the sign from 100 feet to 120 feet. He said the variance also requests the maximum signage area increase from 500 square feet to 725 square feet.

Ward said the developer also requested consideration for a variance with the property’s parking lot. He said the city’s code requires islands in parking lots every 24 spaces. Ward said the developers have proposed bio-retention areas which are more significant to break up in the parking lot.