Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

Commission Considers Consolidating Two Precincts

The Putnam County Election Commission will consider closing the Buffalo Valley and Brotherton voting precincts.

Election Commission Chairman Phil Adams said consolidating the two precincts would be a better use of county resources.

“We’ve only got a couple hundred people that vote in those,” Adams said. “We just want to make the wisest use of our tax dollars because we are having to pay a number of volunteers to serve at those areas.”

Adams said the election commission would like to receive input from voters in the area before making a decision.

“We want to know whether those people that live in those areas are OK with driving a few more minutes or if it’s going to be a burden or a hardship on them,” Adams said. “Based on what we hear on feedback will help us determine what we do with those two districts.”

If closed, the Brotherton precinct would relocate to Algood Elementary and Buffalo Valley would likely move to the Boma precinct.

“I’ve only talked to the county commissioners in the Brotherton Mountain area and they are both in favor of that,” Adams said. “They’ve had no feedback whatsoever.”

The election commission invites the public to provide input on the potential changes during the March 21st meeting.