Saturday, May 30, 2020
Happening Now

Child Care Centers Can Apply For Grant

Licensed child care centers across Putnam County impacted by this month’s tornado are now eligible to apply for a relief grant.

The Save The Children organization will offer the grants through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

“Non profit organizations that have been affected by the tornado can make grant applications to the fund,” Community Foundation Donor Services Vice President Amy Fair said. “They can find the application and we are reviewing grant applications on a weekly basis.”

Another grant available for businesses is The Child Care Grant to help child care centers affected from COVID-19. Fair said any licensed child care center can apply for the grant.

“We have an initiative called ‘Child Care Tennessee’ which is a partnership with the department of human services and they provided to us that 10 million dollars to support specifically child care centers,” Fair said.

Information for the tornado relief and the child care grants can be found online.