Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Baxter Celebrates Paying Off Depot Costs With Note Burning

The city of Baxter celebrated paying off the cost of the Depot with a note burning.

Friends of the Depot Member Jeannie Lee said the $400,000 project was covered mostly by a grant from TDOT. She said that the Friends were responsible for 20 percent of the cost at some $80,000.

“We’ve had a lot of dinners and fish fry’s and just selling things in our depot,” Lee said. “Then the city has pitched in, the city of Baxter has pitched in and helped us too, the mayor, the alderman. So we’ve worked together on this.”

Lee said that the Friends of the Depot had been working to pay off this project for the better part of a decade. She said that now, they can set their sights on raising funds to paint the depot’s new caboose.