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Cookeville Steam Engine Refurbishment Soon Will Be Chugging Along

Plans are underway to begin refurbishment work on the Cookeville Steam Engine, located at the Depot Museum. The work will be a combined effort of from volunteers, staffers, and private contractors who will be doing the majority of the painting. Cookeville Director of Leisure Services Rick Woods said bidding is underway. “Well this is a part of our history, it’s ... Read More »

Baxter Celebrates Paying Off Depot Costs With Note Burning

The city of Baxter celebrated paying off the cost of the Depot with a note burning. Friends of the Depot Member Jeannie Lee said the $400,000 project was covered mostly by a grant from TDOT. She said that the Friends were responsible for 20 percent of the cost at some $80,000. “We’ve had a lot of dinners and fish fry’s ... Read More »

Friends of the Depot Museum Wants to Replace L&N Caboose

The Friends of the Cookeville Depot Museum and museum staff have asked City Council to mark the L&N caboose as surplus and sell it. Friends of the Depot President George Holmes said having two cabooses is redundant, and that they hope they could replace it with something more relevant to Cookeville. “We felt that instead of having two cabooses, perhaps ... Read More »

2020 Baxter Harvest Festival Cancelled

The Baxter Harvest Festival tried to extend the date, but will ultimately be canceled. Friends of The Depot Committee Member Jeanie Lee said she saw the trend of cancelling festivals and being part of the COVID-19 solution as the best plan. Lee said it will be tough on Baxter to miss the event. Along with the chance to show off ... Read More »