Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

Avery Trace Lockdown Due to Improper Entrance

Avery Trace Middle School was placed on temporary lockdown Friday after a parent improperly entered the building.

Principal Mike Mills said the lockdown only lasted about five minutes and nobody was put in danger.

“Today we had a gentleman asked to be buzzed into school just like our protocol [requires] and he stated he was here to pick up his son,” Mills said. “When he did not report to the office like our visitors are asked to do, our secretary checked the hallway and she did not see him in the hallway, so she alerted administration and our school resource officer.”

Mills said the man had no intent to harm and left the building on his own after seeing his wife already had the student with her.

“We checked cameras, and… his wife had actually come in before him and signed the student out,” Mills said. “When he saw them walking out of the office – the wife and the child – he just stopped, turned, and exited with them.”

Mills said parents were notified of the lockdown when it happened and thanks his staff for their quick work.