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Textbooks in the Digital Age

The way students use textbooks in the digital age is rapidly changing. That’s according to Dr. Sharon Anderson, Curriculum Supervisor for Grades 9-12 in Putnam County. She said current textbooks are more than just a book. “When we make a textbook purchase, we’re not only getting physical textbooks,” Anderson said. “We also get a digital platform component with lots of ... Read More »

Van Buren to Work With Barrett Group

Van Buren County officials will work with the Murfreesboro-based Barrett Group to locate missing revenue streams for the county. Budget Committee Chairman William Maxwell said partnering with an expert will hopefully help the county’s bottom line. The County Commission voted unanimously to move forward with an agreement Monday night. “Hopefully it just gives someone a look that is very well ... Read More »

Van Buren Jail Generating Revenue

The Van Buren County Jail is generating revenue for the county. That according to Sheriff Eddie Carter. He told the County Commission Monday night that although the new jail has been blamed for much of the county’s financial problems, it is bringing in funds. “We’ve generated money with the jail that already exceeded what it cost to bring in the ... Read More »

Heady: Stafford Has Confidence of Community

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady said he believes newly elected County Clerk Brandon Stafford has the confidence of the people. Stafford resoundingly defeated five other contenders in last Thursday’s county general election. Heady said he believes it is Stafford’s work ethic that tilted the vote to his favor. “I think the public knew,” Heady said. “I think the word got ... Read More »

McMinnville Opens Dog Park

The first dog park in the city of McMinnville opened Wednesday. McMinnville’s Director of Parks and Recreation Scott McCord said the park has been in the works for about two years. He said opening the park is a plus for the entire community. “One of our biggest problems in the past were we had dog owners that would use our ... Read More »

Comptroller Pleased With Van Buren Budget

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office is pleased with Van Buren County’s newly passed budget. Director of Communications John Dunn said he believes the new budget, including a 45-cent property tax increase, was a win for all involved. “What was important to us all along was that Van Buren’s financial condition could improve,” Dunn said. “And we believe if the county sticks ... Read More »

Cookeville Man Killed in Shooting

A 22-year-old Cookeville man is dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Joshua Austin Rowan was found in the doorway of his apartment on North Dixie Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Monday night. Rowan was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers responded after neighbors complained of hearing loud bangs from the apartment next door. An autopsy will be performed to determine the ... Read More »

Wheel Tax Heading to Ballot in Van Buren

The Van Buren County Commission approved a resolution 9-1 Monday night to send a Wheel Tax referendum to the November ballot. County voters will have the chance to decide to accept or reject a $40-dollar tax on vehicles. Half of the funds are earmarked for Van Buren County Schools, while the other half goes toward the county’s general fund. Mayor ... Read More »

Van Buren Passes Tax Increase; Budget

The Van Buren County Commission passed a balanced budget with a 45-cent property tax increase Monday night. The Commission voted 9-1 to pass the budget and set the new rate at $2.76. Budget Committee Chairman William Maxwell said he felt the Commission made the right decision to raise revenues. “I think we did the right thing tonight,” Maxwell said. “I ... Read More »

Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week

The Perseid Meteor Shower will light up the night sky this week. The annual shower’s peak will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Tennessee Tech Physics Department Chair Dr. Steve Robinson said sky gazers will need to be patient. “Basically take a blanket or a chair,” Robinson said. “Just sit there and watch and you may see several per hour. ... Read More »