Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Art Circle Public Library Reopens After Needed Carpet Installation

Crossville’s Art Circle Public Library has reopened its doors after a four-week carpet installation.

Administrative Assistant Wayne Schobel said it was quite a process pulling everything out of the library for the installation. However, he said after 10 years everyone at the library is pleased with the results.

“It looks wonderful, everybody’s enamored with the results,” Schobel said. “In addition, in the children’s library we actually put in two different colors for more brightness for the children.”

Schobel said the time is approaching for more work to enhance the library after 10 years of its existence. He said the next project the library would like to undertake is repainting the interior of the building.

“That’s a big job because the center of our facility is an atrium, which is two stories tall,” Schobel said. “So that will be a big job that we are looking forward to doing over the next couple of years.”