Sunday, July 21, 2024
Happening Now

Algood Gains Required Permits To Bid Out Big Mac Drive Extension

Algood received the required state permits to move forward with its second Walmart entrance project.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said this allows the city to move forward with bidding and finding a funding mechanism.

“We had to apply for permits and make sure we weren’t causing any problems with wetlands, so we cleared all that,” Morrison said. “We’ve got the construction general permit from TDEC to proceed, so we are ready to go to bid now.”

Morrison said the project would expand Big Mac Drive connecting it to the back end of the Walmart parking. Morrison said it is meant to increase traffic efficiency and safety.

“The plan is to expand Big Mac Drive to open up the possibility as people were on Big Mac Drive that they could go through the Walmart parking lot and go back to the red light and make that a little easier,” Morrison said.

Morrison said the city council will make a decision next month on soliciting bids. Morrison said a budget for the project has yet to be set.

“We have some state street funds available that we can use and some paving money this year, so we are going to see where that puts us,” Morrison said.

Morrison said the Big Mac Drive expansion has been in the works for about a year at this point.