Saturday, October 19, 2019
Happening Now

Algood Council Purchases New Police Vehicles, Mower Head

Algood officials voted to purchase four new vehicles for the city Tuesday night.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said three of those vehicles will go to the police department.

“We did two Chargers and one Durango,” Morrison said. “That’s a continuation of the fleet plan to try to maintain a better fleet and keep maintenance down.”

Morrison said the three new patrol vehicles will not exceed $95,000.

“We order those off state contracts, so those are pre-bid through the state,” Morrison said. “We already know they are going to be under $95,000 once they are equipped.”

The Algood Police Department maintains 17 vehicles at all times. The new patrol cars will replace three 2014 Dodge Chargers that will eventually be sold. The vehicles will be delivered to Algood by January 2020.

The council also voted to purchase a new John Deere sidearm tractor for $81,544. Morrison said the deck of the current tractor has reached the end of it’s useful life.

“Were going to keep the tractor, but the mower head is shot. This is replacing that piece of equipment so we can continue to keep right-of-ways mowed,” Morrison said. “This is a little over what we originally budgeted, but we do have money in capital outlay and I think we can absorb this additional $6,000 without any issue.”

The city council unanimously approved all four vehicle purchases during Tuesday’s meeting.