Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Ag Director Recommends Winter Hay Testing For Livestock Nutrition Needs

The winter season calls for farmers to change how they feed their livestock, especially cattle.

Van Buren Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley said as temperatures drop, the nutritional needs increase.

“It takes them a lot more energy to stay warm,” Binkley said. “They need more food to stay warm. As it gets colder you will need to increase that. If you feed them one bale a day, you might need to give them two bales per day.”

Binkley said he recommends utilizing a local ag extension office to test your hay’s nutrition. Binkley said the results will tell you if you need additional supplements to keep your herd healthy.

Binkley said placement of food also matters this time of year. Binkley said setting feeding areas within tree thickets or withing a shelter protects your livestock from harsh wind chills.