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Ag Director Recommends Winter Hay Testing For Livestock Nutrition Needs

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The winter season calls for farmers to change how they feed their livestock, especially cattle. Van Buren Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley said as temperatures drop, the nutritional needs increase. “It takes them a lot more energy to stay warm,” Binkley said. “They need more food to stay warm. As it gets colder you will need to increase that. If ... Read More »

Christmas Trees Can Provide Bird And Fish Habitats Once Discarded

The presents are gone and the ornaments are up, but what should you do with that live Christmas tree? If you do not want to trash it, Van Buren County Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley said the foliage has many other uses that can benefit nature. “Christmas trees make a nice bird habitat,” Binkley said. “You put them out in ... Read More »

Van Buren Ag Ex Director Receives State Award For Excellence

Van Buren County Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley has won a statewide honor for excellence among extension agents. Binkley said it would not be possible without his co-workers over the past six years. “It means a great deal,” Binkley said. “I mean UT Extension is like a family. People like Vernon and Ida Darter and their families keep that family ... Read More »