Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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54 More Acres Coming To Protected Land In Jackson County

TennGreen Land Conservancy is adding 54 more acres to a protected land easement in Jackson County.

Conservation Project manager Kristen Hanratty said the project is an amendment to the original project completed in 2013. She said the project was originally the idea of conservationist and civil rights activist Hector Black.

“We initiated the project, initiated the survey, and then he passed away during the project,” Hanratty said. “We were able to continue on with his heirs and get everything protected afterward.”

Hanratty said it is important to protect this land because it abuts Spring Creek, which is designated by the state as an exceptional Tennessee waterway, as well as other areas significant to conservationists.

“It’s also within the whole Roaring River, Blackburn Fork, Spring Creek, State Scenic River Complex area of interest which is kind of like a designated conservation focal area for the state of Tennessee,” Hanratty said. “So it has a lot of ecological value and conservation opportunity.”

Hanratty said the area is also home to several rare species, and by protecting the land they are protecting them as well, She said a portion of the land is designated for the family of Hector Black to use for farming, but the rest will remain protected and unused.

“75 acres of Ag land to the 260 acres protected,” Hanratty said. “So the rest of that is all forested and will remain forested.”