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54 More Acres Coming To Protected Land In Jackson County

TennGreen Land Conservancy is adding 54 more acres to a protected land easement in Jackson County. Conservation Project manager Kristen Hanratty said the project is an amendment to the original project completed in 2013. She said the project was originally the idea of conservationist and civil rights activist Hector Black. “We initiated the project, initiated the survey, and then he ... Read More »

TennGreen Requests Monterey To Restore Plants After Bee Rock Work

Monterey will look to replenish native plants around the TennGreen conservancy easement after clearing too far past the boundaries into the Bee Rock property. Monterey Mayor Nathan Walker said the TennGreen Land Conservancy sent a letter to the town regarding improvements made to the parking area. “They were actually very nice, and they just kind of reiterated that they would ... Read More »