Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Wedding Dance Workshop Coming Saturday To Cookeville

If you’re looking to prepare for the big dance on your big day, Cane Creek Recreation Center is hosting a wedding dance and ballroom dance workshop Saturday.

Participants will learn traditional father/bride, mother/groom, and bride/groom dances. Ballroom dancer and instructor Piper Landis said dance lessons are almost always a part of the wedding checklist, and they’re a great way to help attendees of a wedding feel confident stepping onto the dance floor.

“Having the confidence, especially on your wedding day, when you get out onto the floor, all eyes are on you. It’s nice to have a go-ahead of what you’re going to do, instead of being caught off -guard at that moment,” Landis said.

But you don’t have to be a member of a wedding party, Landis said the workshop is for anyone wanting to learn ballroom dance and dance etiquette. Landis said that in addition to gaining those skills, it’s also great fun and great exercise.

“I want to just show how much fun it is to learn how to dance,” Landis said. “It’s also a great cardiovascular workout–it improves memory, flexibility, endurance, and your posture. It’s a very good skill to have.”

Landis said there has always been an interest in wedding dance lessons throughout her dance career, particularly in father/daughter dances. In addition to wedding dance lessons, Landis also gives ballroom dance lessons.

The workshop cost is $17 per couple or $10 per person. Register by Wednesday through the Cookeville Leisure Services department.