Friday, December 2, 2022
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Warren Commission Approves In Lieu Of Taxes For Bridgestone Expansion

The Warren County Commission unanimously approved an in lieu of taxes for the expansion of the Morrison Bridgestone Plant Monday night.

County Executive Terry Bell said the company’s tax bill set at $650,000 from 2027 to 2047.

“That is a general procedure to give companies a tax break for producing jobs,” Bell said. “They are investing $550 million dollars into Warren County to do this expansion. It’s pretty much customary all over the country.”

Bell said the tire company projects the new addition will bring $480,000 of sales tax revenue to the county annually. Bell said the project will also bring 380 new high-paying jobs.

“Which is great news for the county to get some extra money,” Bell said. “Plus the high-paying jobs that will be in here, and Bridgestone has been a good partner with Warren County for years now.”

Bell said property and equipment taxes will be reduced. Bell said Bridgestone is currently under the same in lieu of tax rate for its current plant.

The 850,000 square foot addition is expected to be completed by 2027. The facility will include new technology to enable the tire to have radio frequency identification capabilities.