Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Van Buren Fair Hopes To Bring Carnival Vendors This Year

The Van Buren County Fair will still go on as officials look to raise money to provide a carnival during the event.

Fair President Lisa Bouldin said the fair would need approximately $10,000 by Aug. 10 to fulfill vendor contracts.

“I think it’s important to everybody,” Bouldin said. “I know by saying we won’t have a fair, in some people’s heads… We will have a fair. We’ve always had a fair as far as the canning and the beauty pageants and that kind of thing. But a lot of people associate a fair with a carnival and we’re trying to provide that this year.”

Bouldin said she would like to have the carnival rides and games to provide entertainment for area children.

“It’s a rural area and there’s not a lot here to do. There’s actually hardly anything to do for kids and they look forward to [the fair],” Bouldin said. “I grew up here, I experienced the same things they are. It’s worse now than it used to be. Parents are working all the time and grandparents are raising kids. They can’t take these kids to other fairs.”

The fair board has hosted several events since February to raise money for the fair. With no additional events scheduled until the fair begins, Bouldin said the board is accepting ideas to help raise the additional funds to cover carnival expenses.

“Our goal is, of course, to pay for that carnival but also to have money left over to continue with the fair,” Bouldin said. “I think we can do it. I really think we’ve got a great fair board. They’re hard-working, they’re motivated, and 10 people can only do so much. But this community comes together every time.”

The Van Buren County Fair kicks-off Saturday, Aug. 3. Bouldin said those interested in making donations or helping create events to raise money can contact the fair board for details.