Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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USDA Cites Cookeville Animal Auction On Multiple Findings Including Improper Care

A Cookeville exotic animal auction has been cited on 15 findings following a USDA inspection.

The March inspection report released Tuesday found Wilson Horse & Mule Sale did not provide proper veterinary care to a hurt zebra.

According to the report, a zebra broke its back after possibly falling in a stall. A veterinarian was not on the site, and the animal was not attended to for several hours. The report says the zebra was in “distress and suffering.”

An auction representative stated in the report “that the plan was to wait until the currently ongoing buffalo auction was completed then once the animal corridors were empty, euthanize the zebra via gunshot and remove him from the barn.”

USDA said in the report to correct the citation “by ensuring appropriate emergency care/euthanasia for the zebra by the end of the day.”

Another zebra also had a fresh wound on its leg that was not treated on the day of the inspection.

Auction personnel also struck a bison in the face with a 5-foot stick in the auction ring. The report said a teenage auctioneer was observed mishandling and hitting the bison on the face or head with the flagged end of the stick if the animal got close enough to him.

The auction company also was cited for not properly ventilating cages, lack of barriers around a baby camel and sanitation findings. The report says Wilson Horse & Mule Sale has until April 30th to correct the citations.