Sunday, July 21, 2024
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UCHRA Excited About New Grant Opportunity Regarding Childcare Facilities

UCHRA eager to see how a new state grant opportunity to will play out in terms of addressing needs for childcare facilities.

The Community Child Care Hub Pilot Grant will make available up to $5 million to help develop and establish locally managed childcare administrative hubs that will support networks of newly licensed childcare locations. Executive Director Mark Farley said he believes the state is starting to realize the barriers to entry for childcare facilities.

“The way I understand the application, it is not for individuals starting daycares, it is for agencies such as the Human Resource Agency or the Development District to somebody like the Biz Foundry that can assist individuals in starting the business,” Farley said. “Sort of walking through that licensure process, dealing with the fire marshal.”

Farley said UCHRA will likely apply for the opportunity. He said the grant window is open through the end of July.

Farley said that UCHRA still has questions it would like answered before starting that application process. He said he would like to have more clarification for the dollars themselves.

“It’s not very clear yet on what the caps on the grant application will be, what we can ask for, and if there are any limitations on what we can use the money for,” Farley said. “Those are always keys when applying for grant to make sure you can actually do what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Farley said overall, he is excited about this opportunity. He said he applauds the state for realizing it needs to put more investment out there to try and spur the growth of childcare facilities to meet community needs.