Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Two Steps for handling Memorial Day Flag Display

With Memorial Day coming up, what is the proper way to handle the flag?

American Legion Post 99 Commander Ronald Lapierre said there are specific criteria for flying the flag on Memorial Day. He said on this day we honor our fallen soldiers and celebrate our battle heroes in two separate flag ceremonies.

“And what you do is you bring it all the way up until it touches the top then you bring it half way down and you fly that until noon,” Lapierre said. “Then what you do at noon is you raise it back up to the top of the staff and you fly it that way until sunset. And then you bring it back down and put it away.”

Lapierre said the raising of the flag and lowering to half staff serves as a memorial to our departed soldiers. The raising of the flag to full staff at noon until sunset honors our battle heroes.

Lapierre said the proper way to fly the flag on a daily basis is to raise it in the morning and then lower it when the business, school, or institution closes for the day.

“The only exception is if there is a light that shines on the flag throughout the night,” Lapierre said. “Then you can leave the flag up.”

Lapierre said the American flag should always be higher than other flags such as a state flag when they are flown together.