Sunday, June 16, 2024
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TTU’s “Tech After Dark” Returns For UC Families This Thursday

Tennessee Tech’s annual event “Tech After Dark” returns to campus this Thursday.

Director of Admissions Frank Tittle said the event is an exclusive preview night for local high school students and their families. He said parents will speak with President Phil Oldham about what to expect while students are taken around on a personalized tour.

“It’s catered to students from the Upper Cumberland because we know they’re right here, local,” Tittle said. “And we wanted to make an offering for them that was an in-depth experience that we don’t offer in our VIP tours or our Preview Day either.”

Tittle said there are three individualized, 25-minute stops for prospective students to see during the tour. He said they can expect special sneak peeks at labs, demonstrations, and other locations not typically seen.

Tittle said while students are pursuing Tech in an academic setting, the university wants to show them what other resources Tech has to offer. He said the goal is to paint a full picture of college life outside of academics for both students and parents.

“Me being a parent myself, I know my wife and I had a lot of questions with our two kids just about the affordability of college in general,” Tittle said. “So when we were preparing to do that for them, that’s one of the things I know is going to be on the parents’ minds is the financial aspect, ‘How are we going to be able to afford to send our kids to university?'”

Tittle said parents will be able to connect with representatives from the scholarship office and talk through options. He said individuals can sign up at