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Monterey Aldermen Approve Local Bank Search For Wastewater Plant

Monterey will be gauging interest from local banks for loans to fund its new wastewater treatment plant. The Board of Aldermen approved the next step in the project Monday. Certified Municipal Finance Officer Ella Dishman said the town needs a line of credit of $6 million over a two-year term length. “At the end of two years, then we would ... Read More »

Celina Approves Bid For Headworks Project At Wastewater Plant

The Celina Board of Aldermen awarded a $544,000 bid to begin a headworks project for the wastewater treatment plant. Engineer Matthew Tucker said the project is a major step in adding new sewer connections in the future. “This is the first piece, and the bulk of your bypass/overflow reports were at the wastewater plant,” Tucker said. “As a percentage of ... Read More »