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Van Buren School Board TISA Goals: Reading, Math Scores And Ready Graduates

The Van Buren Board of Education approved its new statewide accountability report Wednesday night. The report is a part of the TISA formula that requires the board to create a five-year plan for the county’s schools. Director Jared Copeland said the report allows the school board to show how taxpayer dollars are going to student achievement. “So it’s really just ... Read More »

T-DOT Wants Transferred Vehicle Back From Van Buren After Grant Issue

The Van Buren County Commission voted Tuesday to resolve an issue with T-DOT over a van T-DOT wants returned after a decade of use in the county. The van was provided to the county in 2013 through a T-DOT federal aid grant. It was meant to be used for specific transportation purposes. County Attorney Howard Upchurch said ownership of the ... Read More »

Van Buren To Open Bidding For New Fall Creek Falls Trash Compactor

Van Buren County Committee A approved a plan to begin soliciting bids for a new trash compactor at the Fall Creek Falls Lodge Monday night. The new plan is being proposed as a way to improve upon the former waste plan, which had the county providing containers and removal for all solid waste. The lodge is using a compactor from ... Read More »

Van Buren Director Said New Grading System Main Topic Among Directors

The state’s new grading system topped the discussion at the just completed statewide Superintendents Conference. The Department of Education set to implement the system in November. It was mandated by the state legislature as a way to assess where schools stand in various area. The new grading system will assign A-F letter grades. Van Buren County Schools Director Jared Copeland ... Read More »

Van Buren County Fair Features New Events, Old Favorites

Van Buren County Fair organizers busy getting things ready for this week’s activities, a year-long process to get things ready. Fair Organizer Lesa Bouldin said this year’s theme is “Jam Packed with Fun.” Among the events, the fair welcomes a new event this year, the AG Olympics. Bouldin said the competition is three separate categories. “It’s pretty simple things,” Bouldin ... Read More »

Higher Than Expected Mercury Levels At Falls Creek Falls Lake Prompt Alert

High mercury levels at Fall Creek Falls have led the state to caution residents against largemouth bass consumption at Fall Creek Falls Lake. TDEC issued the advisory Thursday after mercury levels were found to be .10 milligrams higher than the tolerable levels. The advisory urges women, nursing mothers, and children to avoid eating the fish until further notice. All other ... Read More »

Senator Marsha Blackburn Met With Van Buren County Citizens And Leaders Today

Senator Marsha Blackburn said infrastructure and the water supply are among the top issues for Van Buren County citizens.  Blackburn met with Van Buren officials and citizens Tuesday as part of her annual tour visiting community leaders in every county across the state. “And it is wonderful to actually be on the ground and talk to people and local elected ... Read More »

Van Buren Schools Delay First Day Due To Road Blockages Created By Storms

Storm damage delayed the first day of school in Van Buren County. School Director Jared Copeland said based on road reports around the county, the decision was made to delay school until Wednesday. “Our county still had some damage as far as trees in roads and power lines down and things like that,” Copeland said. “So we thought it best ... Read More »

Van Buren County Illegal Dumpers Tell Sheriff They Will Not Do It Again

Van Buren County Sheriff Michael Brock used personally identifiable information in illegally dumped trash to reach out and educate dumpers. Brock said he made personal contact with the folks and advised them of the posted signage. “It is illegal to dump and throw their bags over the fence,” Brock said. “During this first meeting we’ve asked for cooperation and consideration ... Read More »

Van Buren County Taking Action On Illegal Dumping

Van Buren County officials taking action on illegal dumping in Cummingsville. Mayor David Sullivan said the County Commission had voted on a series of steps to correct the issue. Sullivan said the Sheriff went to the Cummingsville Convenience Center Wednesday in northeast Van Buren County in response to the dumping. “Well we had purchased signs and put them on the ... Read More »