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Van Buren Leaders Discuss School Budget And Change In Practices

A Van Buren County Commission and Board of Education joint work session Wednesday resulted in new budget practices the school system plans to follow. Director of Schools Cheryl Cole said she does not include federal money and grant applications in the revenue line item but includes the money in expenditures. Commissioner William Maxwell said the practice is a problem on ... Read More »

Fertilizer Price Hikes Impacting Budgets Of Local Cattlemen

Rising fertilizer prices turning into a real issue for local cattle farmers trying to stay in budget. The White/Van Buren County Cattlemen’s Association has information that might help. Van Buren UT Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley said a meeting Thursday will discuss how to handle the situation. “We’ve adapted this meeting to meet the needs of a common thing right ... Read More »

Christmas Trees Can Provide Bird And Fish Habitats Once Discarded

The presents are gone and the ornaments are up, but what should you do with that live Christmas tree? If you do not want to trash it, Van Buren County Ag Extension Director Chris Binkley said the foliage has many other uses that can benefit nature. “Christmas trees make a nice bird habitat,” Binkley said. “You put them out in ... Read More »

Van Buren Getting Estimates On Building Repairs To Bring In A Day Care

Day care opportunities in Van Buren County could be on the rise with three parties interested in opening a facility. Mayor Greg Wilson said the county has a building called the Old Masonic Building that could be used. But, the location needs some $25,000 of renovations. “We have the Head Start that’s ran by the UCHRA over in our 3rd ... Read More »

Van Buren Listing BDS Property Through Local Realtor

Van Buren County has listed its BDS property back for sale through a local realtor. The some 15 acres was originally approved for sale to Priority Waste, a local waste service, in April. Mayor Greg Wilson said the matter went back to committee after hearing no response from the company. “We tried a couple of different projects on that property,” ... Read More »

Van Buren Committee To Work On Spending Plan For Water, Sewer

Van Buren County will have some $2.8 million to spend on water and sewer projects through TDEC’s American Rescue Plan funding. But how will the county prioritize who will benefit from the money? Mayor Greg Wilson said four commissioners have been assigned to a committee that will work with utility districts to form a recommendation. “Rehab of water systems, rehab ... Read More »

Van Buren Commissioner Wants More Seats On County School Board

Van Buren County Commissioner William Maxwell said he wants more representation on the county’s school board. During new business at Tuesday’s Commission meeting, Maxwell made a motion to amend the redistricting plan and increase the school board to 10 seats, two per district. “I’ve been approached by several people of the community as well as my school board member, talked ... Read More »

Beautiful Christmas Craft Fair Returns To Spencer This Weekend

A craft fair tradition happening since the early 1980’s returns for another year in Van Buren County. The Beautiful Christmas Craft Fair opens this Friday and Saturday through the local UT ag extension office. Agent Paula May said the event will have 19 local vendors. “Several of them are new vendors that have not been here before,” May said. “We ... Read More »

Control Of Van Buren Ag Learning Center Given To Extension Office

Van Buren County has given administrative control of the Agriculture Learning Center to the UT-Extension Office. When asked why change control, Commissioner Brian Simmons said everything in the Ag Learning Center was bought by UT. “Because of renting that stuff out, something getting tore up in there, that type of thing,” Simmons said. “So any of that administrative stuff should ... Read More »

One Fatality After Van Buren Flooding, Most Roads Back Open

One fatality after flooding in Van Buren County Wednesday night. EMS Director and PIO Tiwanna Bricker said that a vehicle was swept away on Mooneyham Lonewood Road with two occupants. One occupant passed away and one was transported to the hospital. Road Supervisor Randy Oakes said most Van Buren roads are back open after the heavy flooding. Oakes said that ... Read More »