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Burn Permits Still Required Across UC Through May 15

With lawn work increasing, fire officials remind all residents of the region that burn permits are still required through May 15. Jackson And Putnam County Area Forester Jeff Thompson said permits have been required since October 15 when leaves began to fall. He said many people like to use the early spring for a brush burn. “Sometimes, in the late ... Read More »

Recent Rain And Sunshine Points Towards A High Pollen Count Spring

One Cookeville allergist anticipates this spring to bring plenty of pollen that could make for a severe allergy season. Allergy, Asthma, & Sinus Center’s Dr. Erin Rohman said it may be too soon to tell, but recent weather indicates a pollen filled spring. “It’s hard to compare it to years past and say it will be better or worse, but ... Read More »

Warm Winter Days Can Pose Pre-Spring Issues For Crops

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The first few days of warm weather have the potential to start some pre-spring blooming. Putnam County UT Extension Agent Wayne Key said that buds will start to swell as the weather begins to warm, typically around the first week of March. However, the warm days but frosty nights can pose a problem to crops like fruit trees. “They’ll begin ... Read More »

UC Could See Bad Tick Season Based On Local Reports

The anecdotal evidence is pointing towards a bad tick season in the Upper Cumberland. Smith County Agriculture Extension Director Chris Hicks said the office has fielded a number of calls already about tick reports. Hicks said a longer than normal spring is the biggest factor. He said people should know tweezers are the safest way to remove ticks. “We hear ... Read More »

Caring for Dogwood Trees Requires Vigilance

With the arrival of warm spring days comes the arrival of the dogwood tree blooms. Dogwoods are trees native to Tennessee, and the flowering dogwood brings beauty to landscapes across the state. Warren County Agricultural Extension Agent Heath Nokes said to keep the trees healthy, watch for things like fungal or insect-type disease. “When the tree gets stressed then their ... Read More »

Allergy Season Worst in Years Says Expert

This year’s allergy season has been one of the worst in recent years according to Upper Cumberland allergist Dr. Erin Rohman. Dr. Rohman has worked as an allergy specialist in the Upper Cumberland for the past 10 years, but said that over that past year she has seen an increase in people seeking help for allergies. However, she doesn’t have ... Read More »

Springtime Winters Continue With Dogwood Winter

Welcome to Dogwood Winter. The second of four, “Little Winters,” that can span until late May. Tennessee Tech Professor Graham Kash said the names come from simple observations of nature that tend to happen when temperature drops occur. “It is a phenomena of places that have changeable weather,'” Kash said. “That have season right now. We’re not quite sure if ... Read More »

Hard Freeze Tonight Can Damage Unprotected Plants

A hard freeze is expected tonight and that could cause problems in Upper Cumberland gardens. Overton County UT-Ag Extension Agent Jason Garrett said temperatures have gotten as low as 13 degrees in mid-April. Garrett said one thing many people might not consider is damage that can be done tonight to plants purchased in big box store greenhouses. “You take them ... Read More »

Envision Livingston Accepting Beautification Award Nominations

Nominations are open for Envision Livingston’s spring Beautification Award. The citizen committee gives out the quarterly award to acknowledge decorated homes. Member Barbie Roberts said the goal is to get home owners to care for their properties to improve Livingston. “It doesn’t have to be anything fancy,” Roberts said. “It doesn’t have to be people that put a lot of ... Read More »

Groundhog Brings Weather Prediction, Headaches For Homeowners

Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of Winter but what about our own groundhogs right here in the Upper Cumberland? They don’t predict the weather. In fact, Overton County UT-Ag Extension Agent Jason Garrett said the groundhog is the biggest rodent in the Upper Cumberland. Garrett said that despite the groundhog’s fame in the United States, it can bring some ... Read More »