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CRMC To Update Surgical Equipment For Whitney Center

The Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees approved the replacement of two surgical towers for the surgery center on Whitney Thursday night. CEO Paul Korth said that the equipment is the actual cameras and recording devices that a physician would use during an operation. He said that the current equipment is approximately seven years old. “This gets us up to what ... Read More »

Cookeville City Council Votes To Accept TCRS And CRMC Retirement Repayment Plan

The city of Cookeville voted to accept the retirement repayment plan with Cookeville Regional Medical Center at their special-called meeting on Friday morning. City Manager James Mills said approving this resolution is a significant long-term impact for the city. “The potential to reduce the city’s annuals TCRS contribution by almost half will literally save us millions of dollars,” Mills said. ... Read More »

CRMC Board Accepts Retirement Repayment Plan

The Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the pension repayment plan outlined for the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System. A second resolution also passed unanimously Thursday night to fix the payment in lieu of taxes at $700,000 until July 1, 2028. The City Of Cookeville drafted the resolution. Vice Mayor Laurin Wheaton said the council really wanted to ... Read More »

Doctor’s Job Status Gets Cookeville City Council Airing

The job status of a longtime Cookeville cardiac surgeon became a public discussion topic at Thursday night’s City Council meeting. Council Member Charles Womack called the departure of Dr. Lewis Wilson “a travesty.” “(Wilson) has been given a contract which is just impossible for him to take,” Womack said. “He called me this afternoon and said that the contract that ... Read More »

New CRMC Drama: Resolution On Reporting All Salaries Fails

A Cookeville City Council resolution that would have required the Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees to provide salary information on every CRMC employee failed Thursday night. The latest in the soap opera surrounding CRMC’s budget and the Ricky Shelton hiring came with Council Member Charles Womack’s surprise resolution requiring the Trustees to submit salary information quarterly. Womack did not discuss ... Read More »

Spreadsheet Error Latest Issue In CRMC-City Council Budget

A spreadsheet error found in the Cookeville Regional budget has become the latest issue in Cookeville City Council’s approval of that budget. Administrators found the $400,000 issue as they prepared the final budget documents for next week’s first reading by council. Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said she found the error in the marketing and other expense line items. ... Read More »

CRMC Wants To Continue Reinvestment In Community

Council member Eric Walker said Cookeville Regional continues to grow, but the payment to the city remains the same. During a first in-depth work session on the CRMC budget Tuesday, Walker said he did not want to see the hospital go private, but he did believe there was room for the medical center to do more for Cookeville. Cookeville Regional ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional Budget Raises Questions of Authority

Cookeville Regional’s budget presentation to the Cookeville City Council Wednesday turned into another discussion of how much the council controls the medical center. Council Member Eric Walker said he feels a responsibility when he approves the city budget. When it comes to CRMC, Walker said he wondered if the council or the board of trustees had the authority. “It’s a ... Read More »

CRMC to Use More Contract Labor Amid Nurse Shortage

A national nursing shortage means more more contract labor to serve patients at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. CRMC CEO Paul Korth said that the hospital has used contractors before, but the pandemic has exacerbated the need to hire nurses through agencies. “A lot of the nurses got pulled throughout America to a lot of those difficult COVID areas to start ... Read More »

Korth Said CRMC Will Cooperate With Council Investigation

Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth said the medical center will cooperate with city council members on the investigation of Ricky Shelton. “CRMC followed all policies and procedures with this hire and the offer of employment was contingent upon Shelton resigning from the CRMC Board of Trustees to ensure that there was not a conflict of interest present,” Korth said in ... Read More »