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2021 Ice Storm Has Overton Focusing On Preparedness Entering The Winter

Overton County is approaching one year since the major ice storm that ravaged communities in February 2021. County Executive Ben Danner said over that time, emergency preparedness for any future weather events has been a focus. “We did get a generator from the nursing home. We’re going to put it at the ambulance service where it could run the ambulance ... Read More »

Overton Adding Highway Dept. Equipment For Ice Storm Cleanup

Overton County will use money left over from the new county building for new highway department equipment. County Executive Ben Danner said that roughly $300,000 will be used to purchase new vehicles and mini-excavators. Danner said this is focused on the ice storm cleanup, with the county taking a different approach than it did in 2015. “We borrowed $1.3 million ... Read More »

Ice Storm Damage Federal Aid Available For Putnam Farmers

Federal Assistance for Putnam County farmers is available in the aftermath of the February ice storm. Chad Huddleston is County Executive Director for the USDA Farm Service Agency. Huddleston said the Emergency Conservation Program makes Putnam farmers with at least $1,000 in debris or permanent fencing damage eligible. Huddleston said 75 percent of costs will be covered. “You don’t have ... Read More »

Overton EMA Reflects On Ice Storm Aftermath

The Overton-Pickett County E911 Board met for the first time since the February ice storm. Overton EMA Director Chris Masiongale reflected on the efforts during and after the storm to help the county. Masiongale said that throughout this time he never asked for assistance that someone was not willing to provide at a moments notice. Masiongale remembered one instance while ... Read More »

FEMA Accepts Overton Damage Costs Of $1.8 Million

Overton County EMA Director Chris Masiongale said FEMA has accepted Overton County’s ice storm damage costs of $1.8 million. During Thursday night’s Overton-Pickett County E911 Board Meeting Masiongale said that FEMA was on the ground in Overton assessing the damages earlier this month. Masiongale said the damages could be roughly $13 million in Tennessee. Masiongale said that is not a ... Read More »

Overton County Ice Storm Community Cleanup

Overton County is asking locals to volunteer this Saturday to cleanup debris from the February ice storm. There’s an estimated 60,000 cubic yards of debris down in the county. Overton-Pickett County 911 Public Relations Traci Masiongale said Airport Road, Oakley Allons Road and Rock Crusher Road are the target areas. “A lot of the county is elderly people where it ... Read More »

FEMA in Overton Validating Disaster Damages

FEMA is in Overton County Tuesday to validate damages and debris from the February ice storm. EMA Director Chris Masiongale said FEMA is travelling the county with Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes and County Executive Ben Danner. Masiongale said the county’s disaster damage threshold was $86,000 but damages are well over $1 million. “Once the numbers are validated then they’ll go ... Read More »

Overton Waiting On Federal Disaster Declaration For Ice Storm

Overton County is in holding pattern for funding the ice storm cleanup while it waits on a federal disaster declaration. County Executive Ben Danner said during his conversations with FEMA it is just a matter of President Biden giving the declaration. Danner said that getting the declaration will allow for a 90 percent cost reimbursement towards the cleanup. “In 2015 ... Read More »

Generator Interest Increase After Ice Storm Outages

The ice storm two weeks ago has led to more residents looking at home generators. Cove Generators President Dave Boender said they received 170 consultation calls in the week following the ice storm. Boender said generators are more affordable than people think, depending on what you’re backing up. “If you have a gas hot water heater it doesn’t take anything ... Read More »

Overton Co. Man Dies After Days Without Power

A 70-year-old Overton County man died Thursday while trying to seek help after being without power for multiple days. County Executive Ben Danner said fatalities from the cold have been a worry in Overton County with about 2,300 homes without power. “He had been out without power for a few days,” Danner said. “And, he was walking trying to get ... Read More »