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Putnam Working On County Road Needs With Development

Work is already underway to plan for road needs from future development in the northern areas of Putnam County. The Putnam County Planning Commission got its first look Tuesday night at a proposed residential development in the Ditty Road area with some 850 units. Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said he only expects development in that section of the county ... Read More »

Putnam Planning Gets First Look At 850 Lot Development

The Putnam County Regional Planning Commission got a first look Tuesday night at a 560-acre subdivision proposed for Burgess Falls Road and Ditty Road. M2 Design Group Founder Matt Bryant said Scott Family Farm property would contain some 850 lots, based on the current design. The property also contains a 16-acre section that the Scott Family hopes to donate or ... Read More »

Final Testing Underway On Baxter Sewer Project For Portobello

Final testing underway and completing several punch list items for Baxter’s water and sewer expansion to the new Portobello plant. Mayor John Martin said the pump station is operational, but work crews are working through some of the final details. Martin said the whole process was “an adventure.” “Well, it’s just coordinating everything, the water lines and all,” Martin said. ... Read More »

Right-Of-Way Acquisition Slow-Moving For Baxter’s New Ditty Road

Work on Baxter’s New Ditty Road project moving slower than originally anticipated, the process now delayed by about five months. Mayor John Martin said that T-DOT had been struggling with the right-of-way acquisition portion of the process to move forward to the next step. He said the acquisition of property goes Baxter Road across where the new Ditty Road will ... Read More »

Ditty Road Hopefully To Reopen In Next Few Weeks

Paving work on Baxter’s Ditty Road started Thursday night. The road has been closed since June 20th while utilities were extended to Portabello. City Engineer Tom Bennett said since the extension is complete crews can repave the road and get it closer to reopening. “Asphalt operations in the freezing temperatures and I know we’ve got some cold weather coming,” Bennett ... Read More »

Baxter Working To Make Old Ditty Road Paving Decisions

Baxter will have to decide what steps to take with repaving and repairs on the old Ditty Road. The road has been closed since June 20th while crews extended utilities to Portobello. City Engineer Tom Bennett told the mayor and alderman at its Thursday night meeting that he has discussed options for a suitable fix with crews, including tar and ... Read More »

Baxter Makes Plans For Ditty Road Closure Starting June 20th

Baxter officials met with contractors and Portobello officials to discuss Ditty Road’s planned closure starting Tuesday, June 20th. Mayor John Martin said that the road will be closed as they extend water and sewer to Portobello’s new facility. “We’re going to close Ditty Road to all local traffic,” Martin said. “But we’re going to leave it open to the large ... Read More »

TDOT Started Acquisition For New Ditty Road Project In Baxter

TDOT has started the right-of-way acquisition process for the new road towards Portobello. Baxter Mayor John Martin said at a Tuesday night meeting that property acquisition will be going up Baxter Road across where the new Ditty Road will be. “We’ve got quite a few that’s already agreed to donate the property,” Martin said. “And then TDOT highlighted that if ... Read More »

Putnam Planning Commission Approves Preliminary 49-Lot Moss Road Plat

Putnam County Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat of a new 49-lot subdivision on some 47.72 acres along Moss Road. The proposed subdivision near the Ditty Road intersection was approved, but with a few stipulations. Planning Director Kevin Rush said that there could be potential sight issues along the road. “Depending on the exact location where this tees into Moss ... Read More »

Cookeville Boat Dock Road Utility District Upgrading Waterlines

The Cookeville Boat Dock Road Utility District is gearing up for two major waterline replacement projects. Consulting Engineer Mike Callahan said that starting in three to four weeks work will start to upgrade service lines to about 500 homes south of Ditty Road. Callahan said that following that project, eight inch pipe will go in at Bennett Road, Old Stewart ... Read More »