Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Putnam Planning Delays Scott Farm Subdivision Vote

Still concerned about the width of lots in the proposed Scott Farm development, the Putnam County Planning Commission delayed a vote on the concept plan Tuesday night.

Developer M2 Group proposed 45, 55, and 65-foot wide lots. But for the second straight meeting, commission members said they were worried about utility line placement on the more narrow lots. Commissioner Patrick Rinks, one who supported a minimum of 65 feet.

“I think it would be a disservice to the developer to let them think they are going to be able to do a 45-foot wide lot,” Rinks said. “I think they need to be told if it’s their concerns, I think they need to be told now so they can start planning something else in my opinion.”

Commissioner Dale Moss said he was not ready to vote until he got a better idea of what the final concept would look like.

“I’m not comfortable in approving anything until we get further into your design,” Moss said.

Commissioner David Mattson said that gas lines needed to be in consideration and that the minimum width that would work would be 65 feet.  The commission decided to defer voting and require Bryant to make changes to the subdivision concept with a minimum lot width of 65 feet.

Developer Matt Bryant said there were different size lots in an attempt to offer different house sizes and varying prices. But he said he was not opposed to meeting the commissioner’s requirements and reworking the concept.

“I work under guidelines every day right,” Bryant said. “So if there are specific minimums that we need to meet, I mean we will go back and draw it to meet those minimums.”

Bryant said once he has approval for lot density they can then do various studies to see exactly how many lots are logistical. The Scott Farm Project is located on Ditty Road near Burgess Falls Road. The commission decided they would re-evaluate the proposed subdivision next month.