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Employee Pay Major Factor In Overton Budget Plans

Overton County Executive Steven Barlow has employee cost of living on his mind as the county’s budget process begins. Barlow said Overton County Commissioners will have some big decisions to make in June as they finalize the budget. He said the county has not raised taxes in a decade, but prices have skyrocketed since then. He said finding a way ... Read More »

Fentress Approves Bid For New Health Department Roof In Special Meeting

The Fentress County Commission approved a rebid to replace the roof of the health department building Monday night. Commissioners met during a special-called meeting. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the roof was supposed be replaced last year due to old age, but the project was delayed and had to be rebid. “No it was just getting old, and you know ... Read More »

Putnam Pay Study Shows Work To Be Done, Porter Said Consider Feelings

A new pay study shows Putnam County would need to invest millions of dollars to match salaries with similar cities and counties or the private sector. “If you went through and gave raises to match these numbers, you’re talking millions, millions and millions of dollars,” Mayor Randy Porter told the County Budget Committee Thursday night. An experienced county payroll accountant ... Read More »

White Co Commission Chair Disappointed With COVID Bonus Situation

White County Commission Chair Stanley Neal said he is disappointed with the way the COVID bonus situation has evolved among county employees and the commission. Neal said he feels that all commissioners want to give a bonus but comments by some employees have caused a division. “Things have been said between employees and county commissioners, and its just caused some ... Read More »

Jackson Adds Longevity Pay To Budget, A First For The County

Jackson County Commissioners added longevity pay for county employees in their new fiscal year budget, a first for the county. Mayor Randy Heady said that the addition has been in the works for some time. Heady said he wanted Jackon to compete with other counties’ employee pay, and to show an appreciation for long-serving employees. He said the increase would ... Read More »

Putnam County Looking to Aid Retiring Employees’ Insurance

Putnam County is exploring a health insurance bridge program for county employees who are ready to retire, but not yet eligible for Medicare. Mayor Randy Porter said the cost isn’t too high–only $40,000 or $50,000 a year, and could actually end up saving the county money. “It’s a benefit to them, it rewards them, but also in the long run, ... Read More »

Overton Expanding County Insurance To Retirees

Starting July 2021, county employees that retire could be eligible for the same amount of health insurance as active employees. County Executive Ben Danner said the added coverage applies to all employees but is mainly focused towards helping emergency workers reach retirement early. “A lot of the employees are having to stay just because of insurance and could retire cause ... Read More »