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Mills Cautions Much Work Ahead, But T-DOT Funding Will Impact City

Cookeville City Manager James Mills said he is excited about the $322 million in road improvements set to be funded by T-DOT for Cookeville and Putnam County. But Mills said T-DOT has not shared the specifics of the plan released Monday. The project list released Monday an upgrade to the Interstate 40/Jefferson Avenue interchange. Mills said he is hopeful that ... Read More »

Cookeville Council To Consider New Rules On Park, Downtown Alcohol Events

Cookeville City Council will vote Thursday on prohibiting the public sale and consumption of alcohol at events not sponsored by the city or a non-profit. City Manager James Mills said isolated incidents at several events have caused concern with the availability of alcohol. Council Member Eric Walker said he has concerns about restricting growth in downtown Cookeville by stopping businesses ... Read More »

Cookeville Choses Bid For Dogwood Park Expansion Design Project

Cookeville City Council voted Thursday to begin the process of designing a new Dogwood Park entrance. Leisure Service Director Rick Woods said the expansion will give the park an entryway connecting it to Walnut Avenue. Woods said the department received three proposals, eventually choosing Kimley-Horn. Woods said the design phase would begin December 1. “That’s not to exceed $145,000,” Woods ... Read More »

Cookeville City Hall Improvements To Focus On ADA Compliance

The city of Cookeville allocated some $50,000 in this year’s fiscal year budget to make the customer service area of City Hall more ADA-compliant. City Manager James Mills said the city plans to lower counters to make customer service and tax collection areas more accessible for citizens in wheelchairs. Mills said few changes have been made to these areas of ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Approved Construction Bid On 10th Street

Cookeville City Council approved the construction bid Thursday night to widen 10th Street from Wilson Avenue to Fisk Road. The second phase of the five-lane widening project will begin around March 1. It includes sidewalks on both sides of the street as well as curb and guttering. Public Works Director Blake Mayo said the city received two bids and accepted ... Read More »

Two Bids Being Evaluated For 10th Street Widening Project Phase Two

The City of Cookeville is evaluating the two bids opened Thursday for phase two of the 10th Street widening project. City Manager James Mills said he was very pleased with both of the bids. Phase two carries five lanes from Old Kentucky Road to Fisk Road. Each bid packet is now being evaluated by the city’s engineers and will be ... Read More »

Cookeville Interested In Pilot Program To Improve Traffic Flow

In an effort to improve traffic flow, Cookeville officials want to conduct a pilot program with a new traffic light synchronization technology. The product uses sensors and beams on traffic lights instead of the old technology placed in roadways. Public Works Director Blake Mayo said the sensors can be mounted on stoplights in minutes. In addition, the settings can be ... Read More »

Rail Trail Authority Wants To Amend Membership Bylaw To Allow Multiple Terms

The Rail Trail Authority wants to amend its bylaws to allow authority members to serve beyond two consecutive three-year terms. Cookeville City Council will consider the change Thursday night. City Manager James Mills said the authority would like to keep its members beyond six years. “The issue here is getting good people on there and having some of the good ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Approves Paving Work, Using Extra Revenue

Cookeville City Council agreed to spend $1.14 million in additional money on Spring paving Thursday night. The revenue generated, in large part, by higher interest rates on the city’s investments. Finance Director Brenda Imel outlined numerous other budget adjustments Thursday night as the fiscal year draws toward an end. Sales tax revenue, for example, has exceeded projections. “We originally budgeted ... Read More »

Cookeville Council To Decide On Spending Excess Revenue On Paving

Cookeville City Council will consider Thursday using unbudgeted revenue to help pave streets this spring. City Manager James Mills said the city has generated an additional $2.5 million in revenue this year, largely due to increased interest on its accounts. Mills said the additional 6.4 miles of paving work could begin in the next two weeks if council approves. “If ... Read More »