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Cookeville Seeking To Beautify Historic Courthouse Square

The city of Cookeville wants to explore cleaning up and beautifying the area around the Historic Courthouse Square. Council Member Eric Walker brought up the need in a meeting several weeks ago. City Manager James Mills said he agrees with Walker about a need for beautification, and wants to explore options for how to achieve that. “We’ve tried to do ... Read More »

Cookeville to Consider Rounding Up Certified Tax Rate

Cookeville City Council will consider rounding the certified tax rate to the nearest whole cent. City Manager James Mills said the rounding process is not unusual and has been a regular occurrence since at least 2006. “Depending on where that is, it’s going to be a very minimal impact,” Mills said. “The best way to calculate it is for every ... Read More »

Cookeville Sees Increase in Stop Loss Insurance Premiums

Cookeville will see an increase of some 90 thousand dollars in its stop loss insurance premiums for the new year. City Manager James Mills said with several employees dealing with major health issues, the city’s back is against the wall. “There is some risk here, some gamble that you would see with any insurance,” Mills said. “We’ve evaluated all the ... Read More »

Cookeville Taking Proposals For Second City Hall Drive Thru

Cookeville is accepting bid proposals to add a second drive thru lane at city hall due to long lines. City Manager James Mills said he expects the budget for this project to be under $20,000. Mills said he believes the second lane can be added under the current canopy based on the existing space. “During high volume days we typically ... Read More »

Meetings Scheduled With CRMC CEO And City Council Over Mayor Hiring

Cookeville City Council Member Mark Miller said individual meetings are scheduled next week between council members and Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth. “Some of the big issues are can a sitting member of the city council seek out employment with a city entity while being a member of the city council,” Miller said. “Is that an ethical thing? Is that ... Read More »

Cookeville Special Meeting Called For Mayor’s CRMC Hiring

Cookeville City Council will have a special called meeting Thursday. The purpose is to discuss options on outside legal advice on Mayor Ricky Shelton’s Cookeville Regional hiring. City Manager James Mills said the request came from an unnamed council member who could not attend the February meeting. “It was decided today after it was determined one of the council members ... Read More »

Cookeville’s City Seal Highlights Four Notable Locations

Cookeville has an official city seal after the design was approved during Thursday night’s city council meeting. City Manager James Mills said coming up with a design Cookeville could be proud of took months and even years to pick. Mills said the Depot, Derryberry Clock Tower, Dogwood Park Fountain and Cookeville Regional Medical Center are the four images picked. “I ... Read More »

Social Work Agreement With UCHRA Extended

Cookeville will extend its agreement with UCHRA’s Substance Abuse Solutions program to provide social work assistance to the homeless. City Council Thursday unanimously approved the extension of the program through June. The pilot program began last summer as an attempt to provide help to a growing homeless population. City Manager James Mills said 149 clients have been assisted through the ... Read More »

Cookeville, Putnam Asking Residents To Consider Payment Alternatives

Cookeville is asking residents to consider their options for property tax payments before coming to city hall. City Manager James Mills said due to COVID they would ask residents to consider mail, using a drop box or drive-thru and online services. Mills said he hopes city hall can have fewer restrictions in the future, but residents play a role in ... Read More »

Interstate Drive Sidewalk Project Taking Next Step

A consultant will soon begin negotiating the right of way acquisitions needed to begin Cookeville’s Interstate Drive sidewalk project. City Manager James Mills said negotiations will start in the next few weeks, so the project can hopefully move towards the final design and construction phases. Mills said the main reason this project is moving slow is the red tape involved ... Read More »