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Meetings Scheduled With CRMC CEO And City Council Over Mayor Hiring

Cookeville City Council Member Mark Miller said individual meetings are scheduled next week between council members and Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth. “Some of the big issues are can a sitting member of the city council seek out employment with a city entity while being a member of the city council,” Miller said. “Is that an ethical thing? Is that ... Read More »

Cookeville Councilman Met With Attorneys On Mayor’s CRMC Hiring

Cookeville City Council Member Charles Womack said he has spoken to attorneys about the hiring of Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton by Cookeville Regional. Womack said the meeting happened about a month ago. “I’ve been going to bring this for about a month,” Womack said. “We had a legal meeting a month ago, and I talked about it then. That is ... Read More »

Jamestown Working On Finalizing Liquor Applications

Jamestown officials are working with the state on the final legal details of liquor store applications. During Monday’s City Council, Mayor Harvey Stowers said he has received lots of public interest about when liquor stores can come to the city. “We have had a lot of concerns about the liquor,” Stowers said. “The liquor laws we are working on it. ... Read More »

This Week: Overton Considers CDBG Application, Pickett Schools Update Policies

This week the Overton County Commission meets in regular session Monday. The consideration to apply for a Community Development Block Grant will be discussed. The $420,000 grant with a 13 percent county match would be used on new mini pumper trucks for the volunteer fire department. The application process began with an October public hearing. The approval of a resolution ... Read More »

Cookeville To Vote On Pay Scale Increases

Cookeville City Council unanimously approved adjustments to the city’s pay range scale Thursday night, just the second changes since 2014. The plan includes a one-time adjustment of four percent to all pay ranges. Finance Director Brenda Imel said the potential to earn more will help Cookeville fill high demand jobs. “We are finding it now in the skill positions, engineers ... Read More »

4 Running For Crossville Council

The deadline to run for office in Cumberland County passed Thursday as the November ballot was set. The Crossville ballot will have four candidates competing for two of the city council seats. Incumbents, J. H. Graham III and Scott Shanks, filed for reelection. R. J. Crawford and Ralph Reagan, have both turned in papers to challenge. Crawford is a Chiropractor, and ... Read More »

Council Wants To Continue Race Discussions

The Cookeville City Council wants to continue the dialogue on race during August. Councilman Eric Walker said he hopes the council will continue these discussions for months to come. “I just certainly don’t want to quickly address the topic and it just be words,” Walker said. “I do want to see that the city is doing all it can to ... Read More »

Race Issues Need Dialogue

Cookeville Vice-Mayor Laurin Wheaton said she feels more community dialogue needs to take place on the topic of race. Wheaton said that although she is sympathetic to Councilman Mark Miller’s concerns over Confederate symbols on city property, she feels like more discussion is needed to help keep the community united. “The way I want to do that is by coming ... Read More »

Council Wants To Move Forward On Race Dialogue

The Cookeville City Council wants to move forward with a community dialogue on race relations. City Council Member Eric Walker suggested a coming together of council and local leaders to look at ways the community could promote better understanding. “I think if you if you have a calm setting and you can bring all minds together and discuss an issue ... Read More »

YII Asks City To Eliminate Choke Holds, Monuments

Monterey resident Daniella D’Agostino asked the Cookeville City Council Thursday night to remove confederate monuments in the city-owned cemeteries and eliminate choke holds in its police department. D’Agostino and about 50 supporters of the Youth For Inclusion Initiative marched from the Tennessee Tech campus Thursday to Cookeville City Hall. While thanking the Council for its recent proclamation supporting Black Lives ... Read More »