Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Doctor’s Job Status Gets Cookeville City Council Airing

The job status of a longtime Cookeville cardiac surgeon became a public discussion topic at Thursday night’s City Council meeting. Council Member Charles Womack called the departure of Dr. Lewis Wilson “a travesty.” “(Wilson) has been given a contract which is just impossible for him to take,” Womack said. “He called me this afternoon and said that the contract that ... Read More »

New CRMC Drama: Resolution On Reporting All Salaries Fails

A Cookeville City Council resolution that would have required the Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees to provide salary information on every CRMC employee failed Thursday night. The latest in the soap opera surrounding CRMC’s budget and the Ricky Shelton hiring came with Council Member Charles Womack’s surprise resolution requiring the Trustees to submit salary information quarterly. Womack did not discuss ... Read More »

Council Votes To Cease Shelton Investigation

Over the objections of Charles Womack, the Cookeville City Council voted Thursday night to cease the investigation into Mayor Ricky Shelton’s hiring at Cookeville Regional. “From the outside and from what this council can view, Mr. Shelton hasn’t done anything wrong in the eyes of this council,” Council Member Eric Walker said. “And for what this council has the authority ... Read More »

Womack Wants High-Level CRMC Staff Limited From Serving On Council

Cookeville City Council member Charles Womack wants the city’s charter changed to prohibit senior employees at Cookeville Regional from serving on city council. Under the resolution that will be considered Thursday night, any high level employees including chiefs and department heads would be prohibited from serving on council while remaining employed at Cookeville Regional. “I thought it would be reasonable ... Read More »

Council Votes To Move Forward With Outside Counsel

Cookeville City Council voted 4-0 Thursday night to have the city manager hire an outside counsel to provide information on the Ricky Shelton-CRMC hiring. “The public has questions and I believe it is our duty to find the answers,” Council Member Eric Walker said. “The city council (are) the representatives of the people and with the city being the owner ... Read More »

Cookeville Councilman Met With Attorneys On Mayor’s CRMC Hiring

Cookeville City Council Member Charles Womack said he has spoken to attorneys about the hiring of Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton by Cookeville Regional. Womack said the meeting happened about a month ago. “I’ve been going to bring this for about a month,” Womack said. “We had a legal meeting a month ago, and I talked about it then. That is ... Read More »

Womack Wants Investigation Of CRMC Hiring

Cookeville City Council Member Charles Womack wants answers about Cookeville Regional’s hiring of Mayor Ricky Shelton as its Chief Strategy Officer. “The motion asked for outside legal advice to assist the city council members in doing an investigation,” Womack said. Womack said he had questions about the legality and appearances of impropriety in Shelton’s hiring. He asked the council Thursday ... Read More »

City Council Moves Quarry Public Hearing

Cookeville City Council will postpone the public hearing and first reading on the proposed Spring Street quarry redistricting until October 15. The land sits at 1940 East Spring Street, near the Interstate 40 interchange. City Manager James Mills said the council will not have a quorum for the Thursday ordinance reading with both Mayor Ricky Shelton and Council Member Charles ... Read More »

Cookevile Councilman Wants Both Sides of Panhandling Heard

A public hearing for Cookeville’s proposed panhandling ordinance will take place this Thursday. Cookeville City Councilman Charles Womack said his concern is not with the panhandling ordinance as it exists. City Councilmember Charles Womack said a lack of public comment was the reason for voting no during the first reading of the ordinance. “I think it’s very important for citizens ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Approves Social Work Contract

Cookeville City Council approved a contract with UCHRA Thursday night to provide social work assistance to Cookeville Police. The pilot program will provide on-call service for police 24/7. The SAS program team will provide assistance with housing, mental health services, substance abuse, and other needs for people needing help. “We need a service with social workers available on a 24/7 ... Read More »