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Rodgers Re-Elected As Chair Of County Commission; New Public Comment Policy

Putnam County Commissioners re-elected Ben Rodgers as chair for the new commission year Monday night. Commissioner Chris Cassetty will serve as chair pro-tem. The Commission’s Fiscal Review committee elected Kathy Dunn as chair with Cathy Reel elected as vice chair. Terry Randolph selected as chair of Planning Committee, with Darren Wilson elected as vice chair. Commissioners voted on multiple appointments ... Read More »

Putnam Commissioners Approve Budget With 18.8 Cent Property Tax Increase

After about an hour of discussion Monday night, Putnam County Commissioners approved a new fiscal year budget with an 18.8 cent property tax increase. The county will use some $6.5 million in fund balance to make up the budget deficit, reducing the reserves to about $18 million. That’s still above the Comptroller’s request that a county maintains 20 percent of ... Read More »

Putnam Proposed Property Tax Increase Down To 18.8 Cents

The Putnam County Budget Committee voted Monday to reduce the property tax increase to 18.8 cents, sending the budget to Mayor Randy Porter to be finalized. The budget includes 91 new employees, the majority of which will serve the expanded County Justice Center. It also includes a marketplace adjustment to bring county salaries more in line with similar government and ... Read More »

Algood Park System Town Hall Focusing On Family Opportunities

Algood gave residents the chance to comment on the systemwide parks master plan during a Tuesday night town hall. Putnam County Commissioner Cathy Reel was in attendance and said she likes what she heard when it comes to affordable recreation opportunities in her district. “Not everybody gets to go to the Titans games in Nashville, or go to the Predators ... Read More »

Green Mountain Water Plan Approved

Putnam County Commissioners unanimously approved a water improvement plan for Green Mountain residents Monday. The county will join forces with the town of Algood to run water lines and install pumps. The county will pay $150,000 of the $270,000 price tag with the town of Algood footing the rest. “I think it’s a very good project and these people have ... Read More »