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New Pall Mall Tower Brings Emergency Comms Coverage Up To 85 Percent

Fentress County’s 911 communications will see an improvement following the completion of a new tower in Pall Mall. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the county contributed 60 percent, the E-911 Department 35 percent, and the school board covered the remaining. He said that now the equipment is upgraded and new pieces purchased, they have five communications towers in total across ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Trying Out New App For Emergency Calls

Putnam County 911 will be implementing a new smartphone app next year to give dispatchers additional information on calls. Director Penny Foister said RapidSOS Premium will replace the current system and add new capabilities “If you got a smart phone, and you have your health information in there or emergency contacts when we get a 911 call, we will see ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Accepting Applications For New Dispatchers

Putnam County 911 has opened applications for dispatchers. 911 Director Penny Foister said the department is low on part-time workers and wants two more full-time dispatchers. “We’re going to ask the county commission and 911 board at our next budget cycle to add two more positions, two more full-time positions,” Foister said. “When we do that, we will need to ... Read More »

Jackson 911 Looking For More Dispatchers

Jackson County’s 911 is looking to hire new dispatchers. Jackson 911 PIO Derek Woolbright said that their county is currently has a critical need for more personnel. He said that dispatchers make the calls for all emergency departments in the county and they’re being spread thin. “I would say they need the ability to multi-task, they need the ability to ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Making Changes To Emergency Alert System

Putnam County 911 making changes to its emergency alert system. Assistant Director Brandon Smith said that the previously free system began charging for services, they decided to streamline alerts into a program that utilizes a communications service the county already has. “What’s really cool about the Smart 911 and the Rave Alert system is that it’s automated,” Smith said. “As ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Director Wants Next Budget To Include Two New Dispatchers

Putnam County 911 Director Penny Foister wants more dispatcher positions budgeted in the next fiscal year. Foister said she would like to see two additional positions, one paid by the county. The other paid by the 911 department. “That will make our power shift where we got two positions last year those dispatchers work from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.,” ... Read More »

Clay 911 Emergency Alert Notification System Open For Sign-Ups

With recent weather events, Clay County 911 wants to remind residents of its emergency alert straight to your phone. 911 Director Beth Moulton said the services notifies via land line and cell phone through text or call. “It gives them the opportunity to know about severe weather,” Moulton said. “But we also use it for other things like if you ... Read More »

Kayakers Being Saved Through Warren County River Rescue System

A Warren County Rotary Club continues its work to protect kayakers along the Barren Fork River and 100 miles of waterways. McMinnville Breakfast Rotary Club Member Neal Cox said location markers are along the river bank and bridges to tell people exactly where they are lost. Cox said as kayaking grew in popularity, so did calls for river rescue. “Just ... Read More »

Cumberland E-911 Boosting Communications Across The County

Cumberland County E-911 is undertaking major changes to improve emergency services across the county. Director Eric Ritzman said that among those changes, is a new website. Ritzman said the site has launched and gives residents a survey to provide needed information before an emergency happens. “If they have someone living there that has dementia or they have oxygen canisters stored ... Read More »

Rise In Putnam Co. EMS Calls

Putnam County’s EMS has seen a 7 percent increase in calls over the last year. Putnam County Chief of EMS Tommy Copeland said the reasons for the increase in call volume can be attributed to a number of things, ranging from population increase, to calls for overdoses, to simple convalescent transportation. Copeland said that despite the steady increase in calls, ... Read More »