Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

T-DOT Answers Rep. Weaver’s Call To Study HWY 70 At Liberty

T-DOT has responded to Representative Terri Lynn Weaver’s request to evaluate a flood prone portion of Smithville’s Highway 70.

Weaver drafted a letter this week to the state voicing concerns of hydroplaning in the Liberty area. Weaver said road crews were on the scene Wednesday to begin a study.

“I got a call from my road superintendent, and he called me on the way in here the other day and said we got guys out there,” Weaver said. “We should have some results on how we could resolve it and fix it, and I was very pleased to hear that.”

The spot at Liberty served as the location of a fatal accident on Monday. According to a THP official, wet roads likely played a factor in the death.

“I heard where a young lady on her way to work on her way to Smithville on a rainy rainy morning hydroplaned on Highway 70 on the exact place a very dear friend of mine hydroplaned on her way to work on a rainy morning and lost her life instantly, as well,” Weaver said. “That was almost seven years ago, so it really saddened my heart.”

Weaver said after hearing about Monday’s accident, she felt like it was her responsibility to prevent any other tragedies.

“There’s been more instances, as well of people fish tailing,” Weaver said. “There’s actually been other accidents, as well, in that exact same position. So I said, ‘I can’t be silent on this.’ So, I sent a letter out to the Governor, and all the other people between the Governor and myself and drawing attention to this to take it upon themselves to go to the particular spot.”

Weaver said TDOT told her that some results should be shared sometime next week on how to move forward. Weaver said the money for whatever repairs are needed is already budgeted.

“T-DOT is very mission focused on safety issues,” Weaver said. “When we work together and there is a high safety measure that needs to be addressed, T-DOT does make effort to resolve that, and they are very good at that. Now, we will just see how long it takes to get this fixed.