Friday, May 24, 2024
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Sparta Housing Authority Says Treatment Of White, Van Buren Residents Equal

The Sparta Housing Authority released a statement declaring that the organization strictly obeys federal regulations and has additional policies to establish equality for all.

The statement comes after some Spencer officials expressed concern last month about how Van Buren County residents are being handled by the authority. Those officials said they saw White County residents getting preferential treatment for openings in Van Buren County.

In the statement, the Sparta Housing Authority said it had policies in place that determine how housing assistance, placement on the waiting list, and limitations on applicants are decided, all of which are in agreement with government regulations.

“The Sparta Housing Authority (SHA)’s developments, which are located in Sparta and Spencer, Tennessee, are subject to federal laws and regulations as to how its developments are run, including admissions and continued occupancy of its public housing,” the Statement read. “SHA accepts and processes applications in accordance with the requirements of HUD regulations and SHA’s policies. SHA strictly adheres to and complies with its policies and procedures, including its policies and procedures regarding applying for housing assistance, placement and denial of placement on the waiting list, and limitations on who may apply.”

The Authority declined to make any additional comments until the meeting minutes from the Spencer Aldermen meeting are released to the public.