Monday, July 13, 2020
Happening Now

Sparta Accepts New Liquor Store Distance Requirements

The City of Sparta will now require a 300-foot distance between liquor stores and places of worship, schools, and parks.

Mayor Jeff Young said the new requirements may help the city bring in further business.

“Now when we originally did the ordinance, one or two areas had 500-foot requirements. And of course, our first thought was to create basically a maximum. So we researched it again and predominantly most municipalities had 300-foot,” Young said. “So the last thing we want to do is be any kind of deterrent for business. And we thought 300-foot will be comparable for other cities around us, so that should be fair.”

Young said the original ordinance came in question when a local liquor store began looking for new locations.

“Well the one particular store that has come up in the meeting, their building sold. It may or may not even have an effect on them. They still have other hurdles that they have to get through with the State of Tennessee and the Alcohol and Beverage Commission,” Young said. “You know, they have licensing issues that when they move have to be in place for them to move from one location to another even if it is temporary.”

The Sparta Board of Aldermen and Mayor approved the second and final reading of the ordinance Thursday.