Monday, May 20, 2024
Happening Now

Snowfall Highlights Salt Spreader Needs for Baxter

Baxter Mayor John Martin said the city “could have had a serious situation” this week as its salt spreader is “terminal.”

“We’re in the market to get another one, but this snow that we had the other day, just kind of got our attention,” Martin said. “We wanted to make sure that we has something that could take care of our streets and our businesses.”

Baxter City Council approved a $4,900 salt spreader Thursday night. Martin said the spreader was ordered Friday.

This spreader will go on the back of a pickup truck, because Baxter also needs a new dump truck. Martin said the city will be going to Crossville at the first of the week to look for a new dump truck.

“The dump truck that we had… Had done its time but we’re gonna get a dump truck for if we have to do more salting or whatever down the road,” Martin said. “We were in need of a new dump truck anyway.”

Martin said the city has a snow plow, and will see if it can work with the new dump truck, before buying a new plow.