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Warm Spell Before Weekend Snow Could Help Road Conditions

Accumulating snow on the way despite Friday temperatures reaching the 60’s. Putnam County Road Supervisor Randy Jones said the warm spell before the snowfall means roadways may not be as impacted. “Temperatures being up in the 60’s like it is today and tomorrow the asphalt and the ground temperatures are still warm,” Jones said. “It will take a little while ... Read More »

Cold Front Converging On Gulf Moisture Creating Warm To Snow Transition


Temperatures in the 60’s the last several days make several inches of snow Friday night seem impossible. News Talk 94.1 Meteorologist Rob Carolan said it is a typical March for Tennessee. “It’s actually one of my favorite times of the year meteorologically speaking, because we get these wild events where one day you’re spring like, the next day winter arrives ... Read More »

Heavy Rain After Winter Of Salting Roads Causing More Potholes

If you have been on the roads the last 24 hours, you’ve noticed potholes developing seemingly right under your wheels. Clay County Road Supervisor Jason Browning said this time of year it is inevitable. This week’s rain after periodic salting causes potholes to form more quickly. “The water gets down under there and kind of loosens everything up,” Browning said. ... Read More »

Temperatures Aloft Caused A Less Than Expected Sunday Snow Total

Five to nine inches of snow were expected across the Upper Cumberland Sunday, but the atmosphere had a different plan. National Weather Service Nashville Forecaster Scott Unger said rainfall before the Sunday snowfall made for less snow amounts. “Just took time enough for the atmosphere to become right for snow to fall,” Unger said. “The rain went out in the ... Read More »

Jan 6th Cookeville Snowfall Most On Record Since 1996

Thursday’s snowfall in Cookeville was the highest amount recorded on January 6th since 1996. That is according to Local Weather Observer Michael Detwiler. He said Cookeville got about five inches while some areas in the region exceeded seven inches. “Livingston got 6.5 inches so the numbers were really up there, and I’ve heard some reports and I haven’t verified them ... Read More »

How To Make Snow Cream In Just 15 Minutes

Cooped up inside, need a family activity or maybe just looking for a delicious dessert. This snow cream recipe from the UT ag extension office can satisfy your needs. Retired Agent Robbie Melton said you need three eggs, 1 and a half cups of sugar, two tablespoons of vanilla, one can of evaporated milk, one and half cups of regular ... Read More »

UC Temperatures Drop To Single Digits After 4-7 Inches Of Snow

Four to seven inches of snow common across the Upper Cumberland Thursday as a strong push of artic air collided with moisture from a southern system. Roads treacherous almost as soon as the snow began falling with more than an inch in just an hour. Thursday night, temperatures will fall to the single digits in many areas and Friday temperatures ... Read More »

Overton Highway Department Expecting Worse Road Conditions In Round 2

The Overton County Highway Department is salting roads and preparing snow blades for Thursday’s forecast. Highway Superintendent James Norrod said his crews are getting in position to keep the roads as clear as possible. “I expect more from this one that is coming tomorrow,” Norrod said. “Good news is it’s going to come in the day instead of sneaking in ... Read More »

Dynamics Of Jet Stream Caused Quick Transition From Storms To Snow

Temperatures in the 70s one day- two to six inches of snow the next. Not something seen often but National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Richards said it can occur. “We had the subtropical jet involved. The polar jet involved, and when that happens after the threat of tornadoes is over and the front goes by, you have a lot of ... Read More »

Cookeville Snowfall Numbers Well Above Average

Cookeville saw 11.6 inches of snow in February with four inches recorded on Wednesday. The Cookeville Weather Guy, Michael Detwiler, said that amount of accumulation is a rarity for Cookeville this time of year. “The average for February is 1.4 inches,” Detwiler said. “As you can tell, that is significantly above our average. In a typical winter season, we are ... Read More »