Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Smart Shopper Outlet Grocery To Expand To Twinton Area

Smart Shopper Outlet Grocery set to expand its Overton County presence to a new location in the Twinton community.

County Executive Steven Barlow said the company has secured a building and is currently making renovations. He said there is a big need to have a grocery business in that area.

“There’s not a grocery store for 16 miles so everybody there has to go to Monterey, Jamestown, or Livingston,” Barlow said. “And it’s a 45-minute drive from the mountain to Livingston. There’s just really no easy way to get there.”

Barlow said the most recent update is the owners are planning to open two days a week once they first open. He said those days are yet to be determined. Barlow also said the official opening day has not been decided.

Barlow said there will be various grocery items available. He said there will also likely be items you can find at local convenience stores.

“We’re really blessed to have them come up in that area and I think it will service a lot of people,” Barlow said. “So we’re really thankful they’ve thought about expanding, and they’ve got a lot prayer into this, and we’re hoping and praying everything will work out and we’ll get it up quick.”