Sunday, July 21, 2019
Happening Now

Search Begins For Cookeville High School Principal

The Putnam County School System began searching for a new Cookeville High School Principal Friday.

Superintendent Jerry Boyd said the school system will use several different platforms to advertise the position, including national and regional publications.

“From this point, we will keep the window open to accept applications until the first week of March,” Boyd said. “We will then identify the top candidates and begin different rounds of interviews.”

Boyd said he hopes to make a selection by April 18th.

The Putnam County Board of Education has voted to increase the annual base salary for the position to $90,058. That’s the highest salary for a principal position in Putnam County.

Boyd said selecting the next leader of Cookeville High School will be difficult decision to make.

“We certainly need a person to be the right fit for Cookeville High School and the Cookeville community,” Boyd said. “As far as my job, putting a very high-performing and high-quality principal in any school is one of the most important responsibilities that I have.”

The new principal at Cookeville High School begin serving the position on June 1st.