Monday, June 17, 2024
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Randy Heady Announces Plan To Run For Jackson Mayor Re-Election

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady has announced his intent to run for re-election.

Heady said that after three-and-a-half years as mayor, he decided there is still more he hopes to accomplish.

“I really enjoy what I do,” Heady said. “And secondly, I ran to make a difference in my community. And I’m not finished.”

Heady said that his drive for the work comes from his love for his community.

“I’m not the guy that’s going to go ahead and make promises you can’t keep,” Heady said. “But I promised the people that I would get up every day and I would go to work. And that’s the promise that I’m going to make. I will continue to do what I’ve done the past three and a half years, which is get up and work for the people of this county.

Heady said that while the job is a big undertaking, he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t passionate about the work and the people of Jackson. He said that the biggest lesson he’s learned from his term is the importance of connection.

“I’ve learned one thing, and it makes a much bigger difference than Randy Heady thought it did,” Heady said. “That is just the biggest deal. there are so many pluses in having building relationships with the departments, with the governor, with your local senator, and your house of representative that represents your district. That is huge, and will hope to continue to build on it.”

Heady said that he plans to focus on furthering the economic development of Jackson County. He said he hopes to continue building the local economy and keeping property taxes low.