Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Putnam Voter Could See Changes In Representation Due To Split Precincts Following Redistricting

Four Putnam County election precincts will now be split across two house districts.

Administrator of Elections Michelle Honeycutt said that the split creates a more complicated situation for poll workers.

“And when you get to that precinct the machine operator who will give you the correct ballot has to be very careful,” Honeycutt said. “They have to make sure that if you’re in the city with the 25th district you get that one, if you’re in the city with the 42nd you get that one, or if you’re not in the city but are in the 25th district.”

Honeycutt said that this year, there are now some districts that are represented by the 42nd house and some represented by the 25th in the same precinct. She said that the county also has some precincts split between city and non-city residents. She said prior to 2009, the county had no split districts.

Honeycutt said that voters should have received updated voter information following redistricting. She said that voters should check to see if their representation has changed. Honeycutt said that if voters arrive at the polls and believe their ballot is wrong, they should alert poll workers immediately.

“Don’t vote on it, don’t cast vote,” Honeycutt said. “(…) And then they can take you back to the beginning they can double-check, and they can call our office and we’ll double-check it too, just to be sure,” Honeycutt said.