Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Putnam T-DOT Project Could Include Roundabout At Hillham Rd & Fisk Intersection

Putnam County will move forward with a state project to create a roundabout at Hilham Road and Fisk Road intersection.

County Mayor Randy Porter said the intersection near the Putnam County Sports Complex has been dangerous for a long time and the site of many wrecks. He said they have been working for many years to get the state to take over the project.

“When they do the intersection we’re going to put our street sins up where they go, were going to do stop signs, the right of way they acquire will be county right of way,” Porter said. “But they will do the whole project. This is a state project, this is not a county project.”

While the project will not require any money from the county, several county commissioners voiced disapproval that the state is moving forward with a roundabout for the intersection. Commissioner Darren Wilson asked if there was any way to stop them from putting in a roundabout.

“Something needs to be done at that intersection,” Wilson said. “But a roundabout ain’t it.”

Porter said T-DOT had explored other avenues, but felt this would be the best fit. He said that he and County Roads Supervisor Randy Jones had expressed their sentiment, but their hands are tied.