Sunday, June 16, 2024
Happening Now

Putnam EMS Closes Out National Appreciation Week

Putnam County EMS closing out the end of National EMS Week, celebrating its personnel.

Director Tommy Copeland they had spent the week eating meals together and giving out individual recognitions. He said it is important to honor the service of these crews, because the job is not easy.

“We do things, go places, go through events, see things that honestly somebody should never see in their lifetime, and we do it repeatedly over and over,” Copeland said. “So this is just something we can do to celebrate and appreciate.”

Copeland said they also gave crews what they call “The State of the Service.” He said they go over budget requests, call trends, and other information pertinent to the industry.

Copeland said he believes the celebrations are well-received. He said there is nothing they can do to adequately recognize all the sacrifices they do.

“They miss family holidays and work days and school plays and they come in early and work late, it’s just a cornucopia of things,” Copeland said. “They sacrifice so much just for the community.”

Copeland said even though it is not much, it is still a way they can honor employees.